Sunday, August 30, 2015

August is Almost Over!!

 August was a fast month, it seems we were busy every minute; teaching, traveling or doing things related to the mission.  We wouldn't have it any other way!!

We've always enjoyed this view of the Throg's Neck bridge from the U.S. Merchant Marine Academy where we teach on Wednesday evenings.  Behind the bridge there is a good view of the city, although in this picture it doesn't show up well.  These past few weeks this summer we've really loved looking at the city here.

We sent Adam a loaf of homemade bread for his birthday!! He liked it, I wonder if he shared it with his bird!!

On the 14th we went to Texas to see sweet little Ezra get his name and blessing.  Grandpa was glad to finally be able to meet him!
Here are a couple of shots of the handsome guy in his blessing outfit!
This is the whole crew who was there on Sunday.  We were glad that Susannah was able to be there with little Vera.  It was really nice to see so many of Robert's family as well and Alona and Susannah's friends, Abraham and Stacia.

We love being grandparents!!

We finished our summer term after our Texas trip and ended with a luau.  Here are some of the students who were there.

The next day we had a Sister's Conference titled, "Notwithstanding our Weakness".  It was really great, helping us realize that the Lord is pleased with our service even though we're not perfect.  We do have wonderful sisters in this mission!

That was a busy week, on Saturday the senior couples went on a circle island tour of Manhattan.  Close to the dock we left from, was this aircraft carrier, the Intrepid.

Here's most of the group!

We had beautiful views of the Statue of Liberty,

And the Manhattan skyline!

I enjoyed going under all the bridges, there were several bridges and a couple were a pretty tight squeeze as the tide was coming in.

Sorry about the small picture!!  We started our fall semester last week and this is the course we're teaching, it's called "Jesus Christ, and the Everlasting Gospel".  It's a new course that's being taught church-wide and we're really excited to be able to teach it.  I hope the students' testimonies will be strengthened, I know ours already are!!

On Wednesday, the 26th, we went down to Battery Park, I had done a little research and found out that it was there that my great-grandmother, Elizabeth Wilkins Steadman, came ashore on the ship John J. Boyd in 1863.  This is Castle Clinton from the water, it was called Castle Garden then, and it was the view she probably saw as she got to New York.

This was her in later years after getting to Utah.  She was 29 when she left England and had traveled most of the way alone because her father had died and was buried at sea.

A painting of the area back then.

I appreciate Elizabeth's sacrifice in coming to Zion!!

Across the street is the museum of the American Indian, we thought we'd check it out but only got in for 10 minutes because it was closing time.

As we were looking at the outside of the building we saw this inscription, and realized that this had been the US Custom House where the immigrants coming to America had to register.

On Friday, the 28th, we decided to check out Theodore Roosevelt's summer White House, it's about a 30 minute drive from where we live.  This is Oyster Bay, close to where he lived.

Sagamore Hill is the name of the estate and it's a beautiful area.  It was interesting to learn more about one of our past Presidents.

Here's a view of the house ... once again we're "a day late and a dollar short"!! The house tours had all been booked before we got there, so we didn't get to go inside,  but we did get to look at the grounds and there was an interesting museum that we were able to go in.  He was a good man who did a lot for our country!

Sunday, August 2, 2015

A Blog about Ezra!

On Thursday, July 23, 2015 in Georgetown TX, little Ezra Alonzo Williams was born.  I had the opportunity to leave the mission field for a week and go be there with Alona and Robert for Ezra's welcome to this world, so this post is about him while I left Elder Bushman laboring in New York.

I got to Texas on the 22nd and Alona picked me up at the airport, we went back to her house for a couple of hours until time to go the the hospital.  Her hubby, Robert, got in one more day of work before paternity leave since I would be there.  Here's Alona going into the hospital.

Checking  in on the 4th floor!

Alona was being induced with starting procedures on the evening of the 22nd, then beginning the labor inducing stuff on the 23rd.  After laboring all day with not much progress and having the baby's heart rate go down when they gave larger doses of the drug, the Dr. suggested that a C-section was advisable.  So here's Alona putting on a brave smile after an emotional decision and getting ready to be wheeled in to surgery.

And not very long after that .... TAH DAH!! HERE HE IS!  At 6:21 PM and weighing in at 7 lbs. 11 ozs. and 20" long, baby EZRA! The other grandma, Ann, and Aunt JoAnn and I were able to go in and see him at around 8:30 then we left the little family to spend their first night together.

I enjoyed a beautiful Texas sunrise on a morning walk,

and also the view looking the other way ... we don't see wide open spaces like this in New York!  As I walked around Alona's neighborhood I decided I was more worried about wild pigs and snakes than I was about people!!  I did see 3 jackrabbits on my various walks throughout my stay. 

I finally got to hold baby Ezra when I went back to the hospital on Friday morning, this was our first selfie!!

What a sweet, happy family!!

He's all dressed and waiting for the "all clear" to go home!

He looks pretty little in that big car seat.  He got to go home Saturday evening and everyone was glad to get out of the hospital and start this new chapter of their lives.

This is my blog so I reserve the right to put as many baby pictures on it as I want!!  I love his little baby feet!!

Alona did a little photo shoot one day so I had to put a few of my favorites in here.

He looks so little in this basket that I crocheted for his mom.

Robert makes chain mail for a hobby so here's Ezra wrapped up in armor.

One of my favorites!!

After his first little sponge bath!!

What can I say!!

His first walk around the block.

This is on the day I left to come back, it was really a gift to be able to be there for the week to welcome this little spirit to his earthly home, there is nothing else so precious and I am grateful!

There was a cute welcome home sign on my door when I got back, and as much as I enjoyed being in Texas it was good to get back to my hubby and the great young people that we teach and associate with.