Sunday, April 12, 2015

Entering Babylon and Other Random Things From The End of March and Beginning of April

We drive by this sign regularly and love it so now that the weather has gotten better we walk nearly every day and decided we needed to get a picture of Elder Bushman "ENTERING BABYLON"

We had a really nice etiquette dinner that I made brownie bowls to put ice cream in.  This is the Pinterest inspiration picture... below is my creation.  
Just so you know, some of the bowls looked better and they all tasted good!! The dinner was a success!!            

This was our first "up-close" view of the Empire State Bldg.  We went there when we took our walk down to Macy's.

The next week we ventured the opposite direction and found Elder Bushman's old mission home, we were disappointed to see the scaffolding on the front of it so we couldn't get a good view.  We're hoping the renovation/cleaning will be finished before we leave.  The picture is taken from Central Park.
Last Sunday we loved watching conference at our home.  We were glad that many members of the YSA Branch that we attend were able to come and watch with us.  The talks were inspirational and fed our spirits and there was lots of good food for our tummies between sessions.
These great young people really enjoy being around each other!

Last Wednesday we splurged and ate at Olive Garden in Times Square! Delicious, as usual!!
I don't know if I dare even say it, but I think spring has really arrived!  We've had a couple of days in a row that were sunny with the temperatures in the 60's!  We took a walk yesterday in Bethpage State Park which is very close to us and this is an early spring picture there.  My plan will be to get pics of all the seasons here, it's a beautiful place.  


  1. Love the Babylon picture and your delicious brownie bowls! I'm impressed dad was in for eating at Olive Garden!

  2. The Babylon picture is my favorite too! I'm glad spring is coming...especially since we are coming in LESS THAN TWO WEEKS!