Monday, May 4, 2015

A Visit from the Warrs

We had a much anticipated visit from Susannah, Adam, Evie, Penny and Vera Warr!!  They got here late on April 25 (Alona's birthday!)  We were so glad to have them come to see us.  Above is a picture of Northport, we had gone there when Art and Gene visited and it was frozen in and icy cold, this was a much nicer day and we enjoyed a pastry from the Copenhagen Bakery across the street.

We went to Jones Beach because we all love the ocean but it was windy and just too cold to have fun.  Boo.

This is from the front steps of the church in Flushing where we park our car before catching the subway to the City.
This is looking back at the church.

After a fun train ride into the city, the girls were excited to see these fun cartoon friends.  They loved watching trains from our house so it was exciting to ride one.

Here's the sweet family in Central Park.
We can't miss a picture by the Temple!

It's so nice to see Central Park in bloom!

We went to a fun place called White Post Farms, it's a petting zoo and here's a lady feeding birds.  The little girls had a great time here.

The day they left we tried the beach again and it was much nicer, still a little cool but not too bad!

Here's little Vera with Grandpa.

It was so much fun to dig in the sand!
We had such a good time having them come to New York! We do love our family!!
The 3 little "I Love NYers"

I had to throw in a picture of the trees that were once so white with snow and are now covered with white blossoms.

Can't leave out the pink magnolias!


  1. I hope I can download some of these! You got some good shots! We had so much fun. Thanks for being such good hosts and letting us destroy your house!

  2. Love it! I wish we could have all been there at the same time!

  3. Looks like all had a good time!