Sunday, July 19, 2015

And Then Comes July!

We ended June with a big "Happy Birthday" to me, then July hit with a BANG!!! and that's not even including 4th of July fireworks!!

I had lots of birthday attention!  This was a cute card that people in the branch signed!
My main gift was something I had wanted to do since we got here, I got to see "The King and I"!! It was MAGICAL!!

July 1st gave us a new mission president, Pres. and Sister Reynolds.
Welcome!! They jumped right in and had a whole mission conference on July 2nd, where they introduced themselves and both gave wonderful talks.  

On the 4th of July they invited all of the senior couples to the mission home for a barbecue, it was very fun to mingle and get to know the Reynolds.

We still enjoy walking to Times Square after working in the temple but lately we've walked down less busy streets.  We decided to go down Broadway again and were amazed by the crowds of people.  This picture doesn't do it justice because the street is empty, but the sidewalks are jam packed.  I think we'll take the other streets until the summer tourist season is over!!
We've passed the wax museum several times, but on one of our "after-the-temple" walks we decided that Elder Bushman needed a picture with Morgan Freeman.
It was exciting to have a sweet girl who has been coming to the branch for 2 or 3 months gain a testimony and decide to get baptized!  This is Leyla and the 2 sisters, Sis. Vandertoolen & Sis. Blonquist, who helped teach her.
I had to put in a picture of our district before the coming transfer.  We have an extra, Sis. Reynolds, who was at the church for the baptism that day.

We went to Jones beach for a little walk the other evening just as the sun was going down,  most of the people were gone but there were bigger waves than I'd seen before so I had to document it.
It's fun being able to go there in short sleeves,  especially remembering the first time we went when winter coats, scarves, gloves and boots weren't enough to keep us warm.  


  1. Fun times! Who knew Morgan Freeman was so tall! Glad you're enjoying your mission, the short sleeve weather, and The King and I!

  2. Dad is looking skinny! I'm jealous of the king and I! Evie told me the other day that she wished your mission was over so you could come back home! We're all missing you here, but glad you get to be out serving!