Saturday, December 27, 2014

The Trip to New York

We left Provo and drove through Wyoming, staying in Cheyenne the first night.  The next day we drove through Nebraska and Iowa.  We stopped at this historical monument, the Kanesville Tabernacle, in Council Bluffs, Iowa where Brigham Young was made the President of the Church and from where the Mormon Battalion departed. We got to Moline, Il. the second night. 
The next day we drove through Illinois, Indiana, Ohio, a corner of Pennsylvania and into New York. We decided to make a small detour and go to Palmyra to see Art and Gene Bushman, who are serving in the Temple there.  We loved spending the evening with them and visiting.  Thanks for the food and the bed!

We couldn't leave Palmyra without visiting the Sacred Grove.  The snow was a little deep so we didn't go into the grove, but got this picture just outside of it.

This is the Hill Cumorah covered in snow.  We passed it on our way out of town. We drove down through New York, back into Pennsylvania for a bit, then back into New York for the final leg of our journey.  We drove into Queens NY to meet Pres. Kauffman, who had the keys to our apartment.


  1. Glad to see you made good time and made minimal stops!