Saturday, December 27, 2014

The Week of Christmas

There are no classes for a couple of weeks so we are getting to know the area.  We went the the Temple a couple of days before Christmas, we drove to a Chapel in Queens to park our car then took the subway to Manhattan.  I had to get a picture of Elder Bushman on the train!  We felt out of our element this first time, but it will be easy-peasy from now on!!  We will work in the Temple twice a month starting in January.

We are running into so many people we have connections with, it's amazing!! The first one in the Temple was a friend who was in my ward growing up in Heber City, Nancy Daybell, then we saw these dear friends from Abilene, the Whites!!  We had a good visit with them and had lunch after the temple session.
I didn't get any Christmasy pictures for Christmas Day, but the weather was rather balmy for Dec. in New York!  Our apt. got so warm I had to open the door!!  We had all the missionaries in our district over for breakfast which was really nice, they're a great group of young people, doing lots of good things.  We had fun watching the little girls back home opening their presents.  Technology is a wonderful blessing.

The day after Christmas we went to the far eastern end of Long Island, Montauk Point.  This is the lighthouse there, I love the ocean and it was fun to see it all around.  Off to the right is the Atlantic Ocean and to the left is Long Island Sound.  It was a fun excursion, it's about 2 hours from us.  To get there you have to go through the Hamptons, it's a very picturesque area, you'll have to take my word for it since I didn't take pictures there!

The camera doesn't pick it up, but you can easily see Connecticut from here.

We had to do a selfie!

This was some kind of Manta Ray that had washed up on the shore.


  1. Love the selfie, love your ocean pictures, glad that you get to work in the temple, and that you got to FaceTime the girlies! Looks like a great time all around!!