Monday, February 2, 2015

Our Blizzard!

Last week the weather forecasters were predicting a huge blizzard for New York City, Long Island, and all of New England.  They went so far as to call a travel ban when the worst of the storm was supposed to hit.  Monday, the 27th of Jan., was supposed to have snow showers all day, then by 11 PM that night the travel ban took effect.  This picture is Monday morning as the snow was beginning to stick.

The young missionaries were here most of the day, there were 4 Elders and 4 Sisters.  I didn't get a good picture of the sisters.  We did some eating, Elder Bushman led a couple of good gospel discussions and we played some games.

Transfers are this week and Elder Cobbley, in the blue hoodie, is headed home!

This is a little further along in the day on Monday.  The missionaries went home around 6 and were asked by the mission president to stay in.  Family Home Evening for the YSA's was cancelled as was our Tuesday night class in Terryville.

This is what we woke up to Tuesday morning!  We had about 18 inches by the time the snow stopped around 11 AM.  New York City didn't get hit too hard, but about where we are on Long Island was the dividing line between not as much and a lot more snow and, of course, New England really got clobbered. 

I think it looks really pretty, especially since we didn't have to go anywhere.  The travel ban had lifted around 8 AM but everything was closed so people were off the roads.  

We have a really good maintenance man who keeps things shoveled and on days like this he hires extra help but Elder Bushman and I couldn't stand it so we had to get out and do a little shoveling ourselves.  It felt good to do some physical work.
I don't suppose I'll ever do a selfie that I like but here's some snow documentation! The rest of the week we were able go to our normal classes.  Besides the Mon. FHE and Tues. class, we teach Wed., Thurs., and Fri. evenings and Saturday mornings.  AND we're busy with meetings all day on Sunday!!

So now it's one week later ... Groundhog day, Monday, the 2nd of Feb., and it's snowing again, on top of some rain that we had earlier in the day that had started to freeze.  FHE is cancelled again but we're supposed to be good to go tomorrow!  (I hope!) 


  1. Let it snow! We had people here asking how you weathered the storm. Cute selfie!

  2. Crazy! Love that you guys got out there to do some shoveling! Great pics!