Sunday, February 15, 2015

Something New

We worked in the temple on Wednesday and wanted to stay in Manhattan for a couple of hours before we headed off to teach our institute class at the US Merchant Marine Academy.  We thought about going to a museum close to the temple but since it was a relatively nice day (clear sky, 30 degrees and no wind) we decided, instead, to walk the 24 blocks from 66th street to Times Square.  Hurray!! We've been in New York for 2 months and finally made it there!!   

I felt like a full-fledged tourist, staring at the skyscrapers and taking pictures!

I really enjoy seeing all that goes on there, it's an exciting place to be and it really was a nice walk.  I hope to do it often!

So I have a story about M&M's world!!  7 1/2 years ago we made a trip to New York with Elder Bushman's siblings and stayed at Lake George.  For a day trip we went into the city and did several things, one of which was going into the M&M store.  I put my name in a big container for a drawing and WON, they notified me on my cell phone when we had gotten back to Lake George but we couldn't go back into the city so I asked if they would mail the $25 dollar gift certificate to our home which, surprisingly enough, they did.  Fast forward to a few months ago when I was going through a drawer and found the gift certificate and decided to put it in my purse since I knew by then we were coming to NY on our mission.  It didn't have an expiration date so I decided it was worth a try to redeem it and after talking to a manager they decided to honor it!!
So here's my loot!! A t-shirt, a light-weight blanket and a tote bag!!  I guess it pays to be a bit of a pack-rat.  If we hadn't been trying to be better about what we eat I would have gotten $25 worth of M&M's!!

I liked this picture at the USMMA.  The snow had melted a little in the sun, then refroze looking so glossy.

I couldn't resist posting this sweet Valentine picture of Evie, Vera and Penny!

I also couldn't resist sharing Alona's public announcement of her upcoming new addition of a baby boy in August. Matt is excited to have a little brother and we're all very excited for them and for us!! 

Today our Sunday meetings were cancelled because of record low temperatures and high wind.  There was more snow in other parts of Long Island but not so much here.  The Branch President asked if we would go to the church since we live close in case anyone showed up for church who didn't get the cancelation message.  We ended up having about 25 people show up, half of them were missionaries who live in the area.  We had the sacrament, a testimony meeting and then a question and answer session for Sunday School.  It was a really nice day!!


  1. Yay for another fun post! I love your m&m story and your long touristy walk through NYC! Love you guys!

  2. Hooray for "public" announcements! Very fun about the m&m store. I'm actually surprised with how much you could buy! On one of your next visits you should visit the 9/11 ground zero memorial. It looks really neat. We watch a "making of" pbs show on it.