Tuesday, September 29, 2015


Time is speeding by, here are a few of the things that happened in September...
Here are a few of our YSAs there!

On the 12th and 13th was an area YSA conference, it was fun to meet with our Hancock cousins who are missionaries in New Jersey.
We found a room to get in a good, quick game of Rook!!

We were blessed to have a half mission conference on Sept. 15th.  This is zones 6-10.

Elder Randall Bennett of the Seventy was presiding and talked for several hours, it was very inspiring.  He helped the missionaries understand the importance of being perfectly obedient. The time went by very quickly and we were all edified.

Sis. Fields got to our mission just before the conference.  She's the daughter of Bryan and Julie Fields from Joseph City and the Granddaughter of Dale and Deanne Smith.  Her companion is Sis. Hwang and the others are Sis. Robinson and Sis. Sao.  Sis. Sao was in our district in Plainview for a couple of transfers and we really grew to love her.

We got back from a temple trip one Saturday and heard music playing, we walked a couple of blocks to main street and found the Farmingdale music festival going on!  There were lots of vendors and a couple of stages with live bands playing.  We hung around for a few minutes just to watch.
We had a senior missionary activity at the Old Westbury Gardens and Mansion.  
It's a beautiful house and gardens built in the early 1900's but in the style of an old English 1700's manor house.
This is a little hard to see, but it's the local ABC news station.  If you look closely the morning anchors are in there doing the news!  This is just up the street from the Temple in Manhattan.
We wanted to see a park that I had heard about, this is Seaman's Neck park, it's kind of out of the way but not too far from where we live, it's just a lovely little place.
I had to get a couple of shots of the "super moon" and the eclipse.
It was quite impressive.
I wanted to add a little tribute to my Mom who would have turned 100 on Sept. 24th, she passed away 2 days after her 96th birthday, 4 years ago.  This picture was taken at our daughter and son-in-law, Susannah and Adam's, wedding reception in Boise in 2009. 
One last picture of Elder Bushman and I with Sister Fields, since today, September 29th, is our 43rd wedding anniversary!! Life is Good!! 


  1. I totally forgot to wish you happy anniversary...and we even talked for a long time that day! Sorry. I'm glad you two got married and that you're my parents! I love reading your posts. That mansion looks really cool.

  2. Happy Anniversary and yay for rook, cousins, and super moons!

  3. Great blog! Happy Anniversary, we hope you have a joyful year. Love you both!