Sunday, November 29, 2015


We were able to do several fun things during our last month here in New York.  Here's just a few pictures of the highlights ...
This was an interesting rock at the Museum of Natural History.
This is a meteorite, we saw a piece that was part of the one that made Meteor Crater near Winslow AZ.
There were still more autumn leaves at Bethpage State Park.
This is the flagship Macy's store, I wanted to see if their Christmas decorations were up.
I loved looking at the lights, even though this was early in November!
We were able to go to the Federal Reserve, they store gold for many other countries ... there are billions of dollars worth of gold there!  
It was cool seeing The Empire State Building lost in the clouds.
Elder Bushman was happy to stand in front of the house that was his mission home when he a young missionary, it's across the street from Central Park. 
I thought it was interesting to see this man doing yoga in Central Park.
Metropolitan Museum of Art - we spent a couple of hours here and only scratched the surface, we saw the Egypt exhibit, some of the artwork of the Old Masters, and a bit of the Greek exhibit.
We got up early one morning to catch the sunrise at Jones Beach.
It was beautiful and we picked up quite a few interesting sea shells!
The decorations inside Saks Fifth Avenue were pretty amazing.
We were able to go to Radio City Music Hall and see the famous Rockettes!
Inside the theater.
The grand foyer!
Rockefeller Center looking toward "The" tree and skating rink! They're lighting the tree on Dec. 2, I guess we won't stay to see that!!
Rockefeller Center, looking toward Fifth Avenue.

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  1. Cool about the Meteorite from Winslow!! I also like Dad in the Egypt exhibit...he looks so deep in thought!